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Today’s Get The Look edition is my entry in the olioboard design challenge. The theme was to design a space for royal newlyweds William and Kate to entertain friends and family. This board is my luxury take on William’s noble roots and Kate’s youthful elegance.

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And of course, here’s how to get the look.

Recipe Worth Noting | Veggie Quiche

This was my first stab at making a quiche. This is a fairly simple dish to make and is extremely versatile. I made mine with spinach, broccoli, and crimini mushrooms but you can create an endless combination of vegetables and/or meats. Just be sure to cook any meat and sauté the veggies until they’re soft before filling the crust.

They only had deep dish pie crusts where i was shopping and as you can see from the photo I ended up with a little extra crust (which is never a bad thing) but I would have preferred to use a whole wheat version. Either way, this was great with a salad for dinner and I know my little guy will love it too. This is also a great dish to serve for brunch.

Veggie Quiche Recipe

Set oven to 350 degrees, take out a frozen 9-inch pie crust and place out on your counter to thaw a little bit while preparing the filling.

Saute 1 generous handful of chopped broccoli in olive oil over medium heat until soft, then set aside in a bowl. Next saute 1 handful chopped crimini mushrooms until soft and then add to bowl. Finally, add 2 generous handfuls baby spinach to pan until wilted and place with other vegetables to cool down a little while you prep the custard.

In a separate bowl add 4 eggs, whisk together with a fork. Then add 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup gruyere cheese and some salt and pepper. Combine the custard with the veggies and pour the whole thing into the crust. Top with an additional 1/4 cup gruyere and bake until the eggs are set and it’s a nice golden brown, about 45 minutes. Let you masterpiece cool down a bit before cutting and voila!

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